Our bones, like everything else in the body, must be used in order to remain strong and durable. The older you are, the more this becomes important in order to avoid osteoporosis (brittle bones) in later life. Yoga could be the answer for you if you’re looking to boost your bone’s density and strength.

When we think of exercise we connect it with either losing weight or building muscle. A good exercise session will also have an impacto on our bones.

Weight bearing movements stimulate increased bone density because the muscles pull against the bones during the workout. The bones respond to this pressure and stress by building themselves up. The stronger the muscle, the more pressure is put on the bones.

Yoga backbends support the spine while seated postures safely open up and work the hips. Cobra pose counteracts the forward hunch from which many individuals with bone loss suffer. Standing poses work the hip bones by putting a great deal of weight on them in a gentle and effective manner. Downward Facing Dog (reverse “v” shape) puts weight on the upper spine and the wrists, strengthening these delicate structures over time.

There is no reason not to incorporate yoga into your daily life. Doesn’t it make sense to take care of your skeletal health?

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