These days cancer prevention is a common topic. Family history is one of the greates risk factors for certain cancers but this does not necessarily have to dictate your future well being. Here are 7 sensible things you can do to ensure optimum health.

Get screened – early screening can prevent many cancer diagnoses and even deaths.

Stop smoking – tobacco use is one of the main risk factors in the development of cancer in the lungs, head, neck, pancreas and urinary tract. It is in fact one of the leading causes of cancer diagnosis and death.

Stay active – according to the International Agency for Research on cancer, about 25 percent of cancer cases worldwide could be due to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Eat a health-promoting diet – we should do what we can to reduce cancer risk by eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. Start consuming more sweet potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, garlic and onions.

Limit alcohol – there is no safe limit, but remember “everything in moderation”.

Spend a short time in the sun – vitamin D plays an important role in bone health, but studies suggest it can also prevent many types of cancer, including breast cancer. Daily exposure to sunlight is the best way to ensure you get your daily dose of this important vitamin. Just 20 minutes outdoors should do the trick.

Practice stress management – one thing you can do is to make some time for yourself each day.