Aqua aerobics is an exercise class done in the water, generally in a swimming pool; you exercise against the pressure of the water.

With a weightless body, there are no shocks and fewer aches, strains and pulled muscles. It’s for everyone regardless of age and for both swimmers and non-swimmers (so no excuses).

It’s a sport that works various muscle groups, including the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders and is often done to music to give rhythm (and atmosphere) to the sessions. (Wikipedia)

Summer’s here, swimming pools are open. Below are five exercises you can do.

1. Back. In the water on your back, place a noodle (float) at shoulder blade level. Your arms and hands should be out to the side, along the noodle. Make small kicks in the water, keeping your legs beneath the surface and slightly bent. Travel backwards a minimum of four to six lengths of the pool.

2. Thighs and buttocks. Lie on your back, as in the first exercise.  Kick your legs and travel forwards, keeping your legs in the water, abdomen on the surface. Do at least four to six lengths of the pool.

3. Abdominals. In a sitting position, feet not touching the bottom of the pool, a float under each armpit, draw your knees towards your chest and then straighten them to the original position. Keep your head above the surface of the water. Do two sets, each of one minute’s duration, resting for thirty seconds between the sets.

4. Abdominals and upper thighs. In an upright position, as movement 3, but legs just slightly bent, shoulders under the surface of the water, arms outstretched in front and your pelvis tilted forward. Gently push both arms backwards, kicking the legs backwards and forwards for a count of ten. Repeat this movement twice.

5. Upper back. Sit in the water as if you were sitting on a chair with your back straight and with your feet off the bottom of the pool. Without travelling along the pool, keep the body still and make small arm movements by drawing a figure of eight with your hands. Repeat three or four times. Try at first to hold the body still for four or five seconds without putting your feet on the ground, then ten seconds.

To progress each of these exercises, either increase your repetitions or repeat the series two or three times a week.