Keep track of everything you eat – you may be surprised how much you consume without even thinking about it.

Weigh yourself only once each week – ensure that this is at the same time of day and on the same scales. Don’t be obsessed, losing half to two pounds each week is normal. The fit of your clothes is a much better indication of your progress.

Lose weight with a frienda supportive buddy will strengthen your resolve.

Do exercise which you enjoy – if you exercise as well as changing your eating habits, you should lose weight quicker and tone your body at the same time.

Forget fad diets – there is no magic solution to weight loss. A healthy food plan which does not leave you feeling hungry and allows an occasional treat will easier to commit to in the long term.

Watch out for weekends – plan for occasional splurges by eating a little less during the week. You will be grateful when your hard work shows on the scales.

Treat yourself – it is important to have treats every week. These can be food related or not. How about putting money aside for new outfits once you reach your goal or buying yourself some flowers?