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Start your day by drinking a glass of water to which you have added some squeezed lemon juice. Here’s why…

Hydration. For those who find water boring, lemon can be a tasty addition.

Constipation. If you have a sluggish digestive system, lemon water could be what you need. In general citrus is a digestive aid.

Urinary tract infections. If you have a urinary tract infection and want to cure it naturally or to find a way to prevent it happening, lemon water can help. Lemon helps to change the pH balance in the urinary tract.

Bad breath. There is no way to avoid morning breath, but lemon and water can fight bacteria in the mouth, and therefore reduce the risk of bad breath.

Weight loss. There are many theories as to why lemon can aid weight loss (including the natural fibre from pectin in lemons). Although there is no definite proof of this, we do know that there are no more calories in water with lemon added than in water alone.

Refresh your skin. With all the vitamin C in lemons, your skin also enjoys the benefits of the fruit. Vitamin C helps collagen production, so having more in your diet can slow the formation of wrinkles.

Recover after a workout. Sports drinks are regarded as the best way to “rehydrate” after exercising but these are often useless for the kind of exercise that most people do. Lemon water provides the necessary hydration.

Pain relief – lemon can help reduce uric acid in the joints, one of the main causes of inflammation, especially with arthritis.

Tiredness. We live with cold weather for part of the year an can lack energy as a result, especially in the morning. Lemon juice can help with this.

Strengthens intellectual capacity. Lemon is perhaps best known for its vitamin C, but it also contains potassium, which contributes to brain and nerve function. For a quick natural way to feel more alert, lemon water is a great ally.